White House adviser Donald Trump Jr. compared the Democratic party to the Nazi party during a screening of a conservative film, noting that their platforms were “awfully similar.”

“You see the Nazi platform in the early 1930s and what was actually put out there… and you look at it compared to like the DNC platform of today, and you’re saying, man, those things are awfully similar, to a point where it’s actually scary,” Trump Jr. said.


Trump Jr. was cohosting the premiere of controversial filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s latest work, Death Of A Nation, a political documentary which argues that, upon reexamining history, President Donald Trump is our generation’s Abraham Lincoln.  “The progressive Democrats are the real racists… true fascists… [who] want to steal our earnings and our wealth and our freedom and our lives,” the film argues.

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Trump Jr. voiced his praise of the film during an interview with conservative network One America News Thursday night.

“I’ve been out hearing the left talking about all these things, fascism, Nazism on the right,” Trump Jr. said. “And when you look at the actual history of how these things evolved, and when you actually look at that platform versus the platform of the modern left, you say wait a minute, those two are really heavily aligned and, frankly, contrary to the right.”

The president’s son then went on to caution people against saying something “because someone told you that in a history class” since academia, he argued, “has been so wrongly influenced by the left.”

“But they’re able to get away with that because, you know, academia, mainstream media, they’ll sell the same false narrative,” Trump Jr. said.

In May, D’Souza was pardoned by the president after pleading guilty to campaign finance fraud in 2014.

Trump Jr. has since doubled down on his statements, tweeting a clip of the film which attempts to compare the Nazi party platform to that of the DNC’s, without showing the DNC platform. The video also does not make any specific references to positions on the Democratic platform.

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