President Donald Trump is an avid viewer of Fox News – many of its personalities and programs paint him in a favorable light, something he regularly flaunts about on Twitter. However, Monday evening diverged from normal programing when the network hosted a town hall featuring Democrat frontrunner Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who openly disparaged Trump and his polices.

On Tuesday morning, Trump was confused seeing how his preferred network gave his progressive opponent — whom Trump dubbed “Crazy Bernie” — a platform. In addition, Trump bemoaned the right-leaning organization’s recent hiring of Donna Brazile, the former Democratic National Committee chairwoman.


Despite Trump’s comments, Fox News stalwarts Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum did not go easy on Sanders. The pair challenged him on his Medicare-for-All proposal, even polling the audience on whether they would switch over to his proposal. Most people attending the event raised their hands.

Instantly after the forum ended, Fox returned to its standard protocol. Art Laffer slammed Sanders’ policies, claiming they would send the country into another recession.

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