Sen. Ted Cruz (R) and Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D) met for their second and most likely final hour-long debate last night with only three weeks remaining until the midterm elections. Both politicians brought forth many arguments explaining why they would be the better choice to represent Texas.


O’Rourke, who has been trailing behind his Republican foil in polls, asserted himself right from the get-go unlike in the previous debate, challenging Cruz and championing his own policies. The Democratic congressman contested how Cruz has failed to address election security and for neglecting to confront President Donald Trump about this and other issues.

“He voted against safeguarding the integrity of our ballot box,” O’Rourke affirmed. “Our junior senator won’t stand up to President Trump.” Later, O’Rourke revived Trump’s old nickname for Cruz — “Lyin’ Ted” — while arguing the name stuck because it was accurate.



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Cruz, however, matched O’Rourke’s attacks, explaining how his record is incongruous with the deep red values Texas holds, while also noting the change in O’Rourke’s disposition. “Well it’s clear Congressman O’Rourke’s pollsters told him to come out on the attack,” Cruz said.

Cruz – and his party – are hoping the tax law they passed last year will help them during November’s election. Cruz at one point alleged deficit and debt, while “immoral,” weren’t because of the tax cuts, at one point spurring a commentator to intervene by mentioning how Cruz previously noted in the 2016 presidential election “how bad the deficit is.” Cruz, however, denies the tax law will increase the deficit and debt.

When the topic of health care came up, Cruz came out ahead; the Obamacare provision did not get mentioned, whereas Medicare did, allowing Cruz to link his rival with Democratic socialism. “O’Rourke supports Bernie Sanders’s socialized medicine,” Cruz exclaimed, noting such an act would “triple” people’s taxes. O’Rourke, meanwhile, maintained his commitment to providing affordable health care to all. And as with their prior debate, immigration was a big topic given its status as a key issue for Texans. O’Rourke claimed building a border wall won’t solve the problems regarding immigration, whereas Cruz boasted of his pioneering role in securing the border.

In closing, O’Rourke positioned himself as a hopeful new direction for Texas while Cruz intends to keep the progress he’s already made continue. Both politicians also lamented the bipartisanship woes plaguing government and shared a mutual moment of sympathy between the two when they discussed parenting on the campaign trail.

The entire hour-long debate can be seen below:

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