President Donald Trump attended a meeting on Tuesday with the secretary general of NATO. During the meeting, Trump continued to challenge the integrity of Robert Mueller‘s Russia collusion probe. Speaking to reporters, Trump reiterated how Mueller’s report exonerated him from accusations of Russian collusion and obstruction of justice, something many disagree with him on.

Afterwords, Trump added how the “only thing that’s disappointing” to him about the report is the ambiguity of its origins, suggesting to the press that they would be rewarded for investigating them. However, Trump frequently mispronounced origins as oranges, saying:

“I hope they now go and take a look at the oranges, the oranges of the investigation. The beginnings of that investigation — where it started; how it started; who started it, whether it’s McCabe or Comey or a lot of them; where does it go; how high up in the White House did it go — you will all get Pulitzer Prizes, okay? You’d all get Pulitzer Prizes. You should have looked at it a long time ago.

“And that’s the only thing that’s disappointing to me about the Mueller report. The Mueller report, I wish, covered the oranges of how it started — the beginnings of the investigation and how it started.”


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Later during the meeting, Trump made a reference to his father, the late Fred Trump, being born in “a very nice part of Germany” despite his father’s birth having taken place in New York.

Regardless, Trump’s orange gaffe did not escape the attention of late night talk show hosts Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, both of whom utilized it as material for their opening monologues Tuesday evening.


“Yes! Yes, sir,” Colbert exclaimed. “We must take a look at the Oranges of the investigation! I say it is high clemen-time we do so! The American people will not stand-gerine for it any longer! We can vitamin C right through the lies! We tropi-can handle the juice!” Meanwhile, Kimmel joked, “What happens is he wakes up every morning, sees the color of his face and the rest of the day he has that word stuck in his head.”

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