At his official 2020 campaign kickoff event on Tuesday, President Donald Trump wooed the crowd by bringing out his “greatest hits,” such as Hillary Clinton’s emails, the threat of illegal immigrants, his “victory” in the Mueller Report, the “fake news” media, and many other favorite topics that he has continued to focus on since his original 2016 campaign announcement.


At his kickoff rally in Orlando, Florida, which was attended by over 20,000 people, the president managed to relive the glory and fanatical loyalism that defined his first successful run for office. Instead of attempting to change his brand to reflect the current political atmosphere, Trump returned to the ideas that earned him vast support from voters in 2016, hoping that he would be able to use the same rhetoric to win another term in the White House. He bashed “ruinous trade” deals, attacked the elites for rigging the system and accused Democrats of “ripping” babies from their mothers’ wombs. And the crowd loved it. The entire time he was on stage, the president’s supports passionately cheered him on, wearing “Make America Great Again,” hats and toting signs that read “Four More Years.” At moments, the crowd chanted “lock her up!,” a reference to Clinton from 2016.

Trump’s kickoff event is an indicator that the New York tycoon is betting that he will be able to use his infamous crowd-pleasing skills to whip up the same kind of Trump-fervor that won him the 2016 election. There is some legitimacy to this idea, as Tuesday’s rally has shown that Trump has achieved a level of dedication among his fanbase that no other Democratic candidate can match. His ability to fill a 20,000 person arena for a simple political event is unique among the 2020 contenders and is a reminder to the liberals that another four years of Trump is not out of the question.

The president’s kickoff event is even more daunting due to the fact that it took place in Florida, a critical swing state which Trump won in 2016 and hopes to win again in 2020. Even in Orlando, a Democratic bastion, the president was still able to draw a massive crowd in the tens of thousands, signaling that his popularity in the state is still high enough to pose a significant threat to any potential Democratic challenger.

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