Presidents Donald Trump and Andrzej Duda met for a joint news conference on Tuesday, and one of the topics brought up by Poland’s leader was an increase in the United States’ military presence in his country.


Duda bluntly invited his U.S. counterpart to “post more American military troops in Poland,” describing it as a boon for both nations’ interests. He adds that United States presence in the area would be a “guarantor of security.” Duda explained that this base could be a permanent establishment in Poland and, in playing to Trump’s ego, recommended the name “Fort Trump.”


While appealing to Trump might score Duda what he wants, his methods in doing so did not appeal to politicians from his country. According to The New York Times, Polish senator Barbara Zdrojewska tweeted, “President Duda decided to take advantage of Trump’s vanity and came out with this Fort Trump. Had he done it in a private conversation, jokingly, it would have been a crafty move, but blurting it out during a news conference in front of half of the world was pathetic. He humiliated himself, us and Trump


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Trump nevertheless is considering Duda’s proposition, though he added that Poland would have to pay the United States in compensation. “He would pay the United States, meaning Poland would be paying billions of dollars for a base,” Trump explained. “We’re looking at that more and more from the standpoint of defending really wealthy countries.”

Duda is currently offering “much more than $2 billion,” with Trump adding that they “are looking at it.”

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