Two bills, one legalizing marijuana use for adults 21 and older and another expunging the criminal records of some cannabis related convictions, were passed in the New Mexico House and Senate. They will be signed by New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) soon, as the governor has already voiced strong support for the bills.

In a statement on Thursday, Grisham called the bills “a significant victory for New Mexico,” and that her “signing pen is ready.”

The Cannabis Regulations Act will create a cannabis commercial license and tax structure for retailers. The bill also sets limits on cannabis quantity for plants, concentrated extract or edible products that can be owned by one person.

The second bill is formally an amendment to The Criminal Record Expungement Act, now allowing “EXPUNGEMENT OF ARREST AND CONVICTION RECORDS FOR CERTAIN CANNABIS OFFENSES; PROVIDING FOR DISMISSAL OF SENTENCES OF INCARCERATED PERSONS,” according to the formal text of the bill.

“This important legislation accompanies the legalization of cannabis and will ensure that New Mexico ends the harmful long-term impacts of cannabis conviction records, enabling New Mexicans to build better futures,” Gov. Grisham said in their statement.

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