U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) released the guiding rules and regulations for the impending impeachment trial Monday night. The proposed resolution would expedite the proceedings, and could potentially acquit President Donald Trump altogether ahead of the president’s scheduled Feb. 4 State of the Union address.

The trial resolution blueprint, proposed by McConnell, does not guarantee that witnesses or new evidence would be allowed but ensures a streamlined process. Released late Monday, amid intense scrutiny by Democratics, the partisan resolution side-stepped the Senate voting process over trial procedures.


McConnell had been able to thwart the Democrat’s efforts to wrest control over the proceedings because Republicans control 53 seats and Democrats 47.


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The Republican majority in the Senate enabled McConnell to circumvent the traditional bipartisan negotiation process.

McConnell plans to allot the opposing sides – the White House counsel and House impeachment managers 24 hours, or 12 hours each day, within a two day 48-hour period, to present opening arguments, according to a copy of the official resolution.

The opening arguments would be followed by 16 hours of questions and answers, which would come to a head in a four-hour debate, that would be followed by a critical vote, in which the Senate would ultimately dictate whether new witnesses or information would be permitted in the proceedings.

Under the most aggressive implementation of the resolution blueprint, with variables like the GOP shutting down witnesses, the trial could conclude late next week.

The swift style resolution disgruntled Democrats, who voiced individual concerns over the long 12 hour days, and arguments that started as late as 1 p.m.

Democrats are complaining that the expedited trial is a “cover up” and an attempt to acquit Trump before the State of the Union address.

Conducting the hearings under McConnell’s plan would ensure that arguments would be held deep into the night, possibly as late as 2 or 3 A.M., after breaks had been factored in.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York), stated the resolution is a “national disgrace” and it is “clear Senator McConnell is hell-bent on making it much more difficult to get witnesses and documents and intent on rushing the trial through.



“Senator McConnell is saying he doesn’t want to hear any of the existing evidence, and he doesn’t want to hear any new evidence. A trial where no evidence – no existing record, no witnesses, no documents – isn’t a trial at all — It’s a cover up,” Schumer stated.

President Trump and his administration appear content with McConnell’s gameplan for the impeachment hearings.



“We are gratified that the draft resolution protects the [president’s] rights to a fair trial, and look forward to presenting a vigorous defense on the facts and the process as quickly as possible, and seeking an acquittal as swiftly as possible,” said Eric Ueland, the White House legislative affairs director.

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