Kid Rock, 46, admitted that his campaign run for the U.S. Senate was just a PR stunt to promote his forthcoming album.


The rocker announced his bid for Senate in September, creating an entire website devoted to his campaign, complete with Kid Rock 2018 merchandise. He finally came clean on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday. “F–k no, I’m not running for Senate. Are you f–king kidding me?” Kid Rock said adamantly. “Who couldn’t figure that out? I’m releasing a new album. I’m going on tour, too. Are you f–king s–tting me?”

His new album Sweet Southern Sugar will hit stores and streaming services on Nov. 3.

Prior to that interview, the singer had blogged about the Federal Election Commission (FEC), as well as publicly commented on his opponent, Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow, and had come up with campaign slogans, including “Pimp of the Nation” and “Party to the People.” Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, never actually filed with the FEC, which led most to assume that his campaign was actually a stunt.

And on Tuesday, he came clean, telling Stern it was all a “joke.” “It’s the worst advice I ever gave myself, but it’s been the most creative thing I’ve ever done. And I’ve gotten to see everyone’s true colors.”

“We start going with it, everyone gets their panties in a bunch,” Ritchie added. “I have people that work for me, they’re on the in, I’m like, ‘F–k no we’re not doing it. But let’s roll with it for a little while. This is awesome.'”

Ritchie did, however, leave the door open for a possible later Senate run, complete with a lot of swearing and a disrespectful comment about current Senator Stabenow. “If [the left wing] keep f–king with me in the papers and everything, I’m going to run,” he said, laughing. “And I’m going to go to f–king D.C., I’m going to beat the shit out of Debbie — whatever the f–k her name is — and then I’m going to go to D.C. and I’m going to smack the living shit out of all of them motherf–kers on the Hill.”

In fact, it is illegal to begin campaign activity without filing with the FEC, so a major Washington watchdog group has filed an ethics complaint against the singer for violating “campaign finance law 101.” Apparently creating campaign signs and apparel violates FEC rules, as Ritchie was not actually a candidate. Stabenow has yet to comment.

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