Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that he would name a settlement in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights after American President Donald Trump.

The naming of the new settlement, which is actually 30 years old, is meant to be a sign of gratitude for the beneficial treatment that the president has shown towards Israel. The settlement itself, formerly named Bruchim, is surrounded by land mines and located 12 miles from the Syrian border. The village, which currently has 10 residents, hopes that the rebranding effort will draw in more settlers to help grow the tiny hamlet. “We certainly thank, and I personally, am satisfied by the fact that they’re founding the new settlement named for Trump,” said Vladimir Belotserkovsky, 75, one of the area’s current residents.

The Golan Heights has been a contested area for decades ever since Israel annexed it in 1981. The region, which was won from Syria during the 1967 war, is not recognized as part of Israel by many international bodies, and its return is an integral part to any theoretical peace deal with Syria. However, Israel asserts that the Golan Heights are a part of their territory, and they refuse to give it up. As Syria is currently dealing with its own civil war, the return of the Heights has taken a backseat to the fighting. In the meantime, Israel has been doing its best to settle the land with its own citizens to make it harder for Syria to demand the return of the territory. The nation has been pursuing the same strategy in the annexed West Bank, as it slowly increases the number of Israeli villages in the region.

While many countries condemn Israel for what they consider to be aggressive and colonial expansion, Trump has remained a staunch supporter of the country and its actions. The president recently moved the United States embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a city annexed in the West Bank that has incredible significance to Jews, Muslims, and Christians. The president is also a close ally of Netanyahu, the long-time prime minister who is currently facing reelection. As Netanyahu fights off criminal charges of corruption and strives to once again win the support of his country, powerful allies like Trump are invaluable, making Netanyahu’s decision to rename Bruchim a smart political maneuver.

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