Hunter Biden offered a spirited defense of his father after the barrage of attacks launched by President Donald Trump and former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani during his ABC interview with Amy Robach on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning.

Hunter said the integrity of his father and family members including himself was beyond reproach but owned up to his “poor judgment” in sitting on the boards of foreign companies while his father was vice president.

He acknowledged that his father’s powerful position played a factor in him being selected for boards of directors of foreign companies, but he denied that he was not qualified to fill those roles. He said that he had as much knowledge as anyone else, if not more, to discharge his duties on the boards of foreign companies, especially Burisma, the Ukrainian oil company at the center of the Trump impeachment investigation. He resigned from the board of Burisma in April of this year.


“It’s crazy. They feel they have the license to say whatever they want,” he said. “The President is the Cheshire Cat asking you questions about crazy things that don’t have any resemblance to the reality of doing anything that has to do with me.”

He repeated his father’s statement that the two had never discussed Hunter’s foreign business interests.

He also denied Trump’s claim that he had been paid $1.5 billion by the Chinese public sector company on whose board he sat. He also rejected that he was paid $50,000 monthly by Burisma.

Hunter stated that in the future he would not sit on the board of any foreign company if his father becomes president next year.

Hunter noted that the current turmoil in the Biden family is nothing compared to what they have been through in the past. He acknowledged his own problems with substance abuse and his brother Beau Biden’s death were much worse dramas than the current ones assailing his family.