President Donald Trump lashed out at the Democrats on Wednesday after Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III gave a statement clarifying that he had not exonerated Trump from any potential obstruction of justice charges. In response to the increased calls for the president’s impeachment created by Mueller’s remarks, Trump took to his favorite social media platform to attack the Democratic party, accusing them of an unspecified crime and claiming that he was innocent.

Trump returned to his old rhetoric, calling the attacks against him and his presidency a “witch hunt.” The president has frequently accused top officials in the FBI and in the Democratic party of beginning an investigation into him without any valid evidence, painting himself as the victim of the unjust Democratic party. Part of the reason why Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-California) and other top-ranking Democratic representatives are so unwilling to begin impeachment proceedings against the president is that they are afraid of the damage to their reputation that could occur if Trump’s cries of witch hunt seem valid. Since the GOP Senate majority has promised to quickly end a possible impeachment trial, it is almost certain that Trump would not be removed from office via impeachment, ensuring that the entire process would result in no significant gains for the Democrats. Furthermore, if Trump is tried and found innocent by his peers in the Senate and the Supreme Court, it would only strengthen his position and make it seem as if he truly was innocent, nullifying any damage done by the Mueller Report.

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However, with Mueller heavily implying that Trump is not innocent, it has become harder and harder for Pelosi to keep her representatives in check. With what appears to be so much evidence against the president’s innocence, many House Democrats, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York), are eager to flex their strength by beginning impeachment trials, regardless of whether or not they will succeed.

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