Here’s an in-depth look from on the 2020 election results for pledged delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Candidates need 1,991 delegates to win the Democratic presidential nomination. Here’s how the candidates currently stack up:

(Updated: March 17, 2020 at  11:14 p.m.)

1. Joe Biden: 1124 Delegates

Former Vice President Joe Biden earned enormous victories in Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi on March 10. Biden won big victories in Texas, Alabama, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, Massachusetts and North Carolina on Super Tuesday following his big victory in South Carolina on Feb. 29.


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2. Bernie Sanders: 815 Delegates

Sen. Bernie Sanders won California, Vermont, Utah and Colorado on Super Tuesday. With his win in Iowa, and his success in Nevada and New Hampshire, Sanders has solidified his position as a leader of the Democratic pack and a possible Democratic National Committee nominee. 


3. Elizabeth Warren: 64 Delegates [Dropped Out]
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is third with 61 delegates. Despite her exceptional performance at the Las Vegas, Nevada, she’s struggled to gain momentum with her campaign. Her delegates all come from the Iowa Caucuses and a few Super Tuesday states. She did poorly in the Super Tuesday states – even coming an embarrassing third place in her home state. Warren dropped out of the race on March 5. 

4. Mike Bloomberg: 61 Delegates [Dropped Out]

The former New York City mayor, a latecomer to the race, gained his first delegates of Super Tuesday with a win in American Samoa. Mike Bloomberg spent millions on television campaign advertisements, and many candidates accused Bloomberg of trying to buy his way into the race. His unpreparedness for the Nevada debate proved to many that his campaign that he was not ready for the presidential race. He dropped out the race on March 4 after his embarrassing showing on Super Tuesday. 

4. Pete Buttigieg: 26 Delegates [Dropped Out]

Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is in fourth with 26 delegates. With strong performances in all the Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire primary, Buttigieg did well in the moderate lane. Buttigieg gained nine in New Hampshire and 13 in Iowa, and is gaining momentum among moderate Democrats. Buttigieg withdrew from the race after the South Carolina primary and endorsed Biden the next day. 

6. Amy Klobuchar: 7 Delegates [Dropped Out]
Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, much like Warren, earned 7 delegates. Although she’s had some strong debate performances of her own, she only received one delegate in Iowa and six in New Hampshire. Klobuchar withdrew from the race two days after the South Carolina primary and endorsed Biden on March 2 in Texas. 

7. Tulsi Gabbard: 2 Delegate

Hawaiian Congresswoman and first female combat veteran to run for president Tulsi Gabbard is also struggling on the campaign trail. She’s also failed to qualify for the past few debates. She earned her first and only delegate in American Samoa, where she was born. 

8. Tom Steyer: 0 Delegates [Dropped Out]

Billionaire Tom Steyer dropped out of the presidential race on March 28 after a disappointing third place finish. He had a weak campaign from the start and has failed to gain momentum. Like Bloomberg, many candidates have accused him of buying his way into the Democratic race.  



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