Wisconsin Democratic Chair Ben Wikler, who was elected in 2019, has focused on grassroots organization. Through his efforts in Wisconsin, Wikler helped established 13 field offices throughout the state. Biden ended up carrying the the all-important swing state by a slim 20,000 votes largely thanks to the Wisconsin Democrats superior organization.

So how’s Uncle Joe playing in the Badger State? “President Biden is keeping his word and moving fast to make big differences,” Wikler told uPolitics exclusively. “I keep getting messages from Democrats across the state about how excited they are about it, and every conversation begins with a sigh of how nice it is to wake with things to look forward to as opposed to terrible news coming out of the White House. It’s a breath of fresh air.”

In the weeks since his inauguration, Biden has introduced a sweeping $1.9 trillion sweeping COVID-19 relief plan, which will helped Wisconsin which has been badly hit by the pandemic. “It’s also a moment of great urgency,” said Wikler. “Wisconsin is now leading the country in vaccine delivery, and the White House is actually a partner in supporting the effective delivery of vaccines and dealing with coronavirus rather than an act of hindrance. That’s a night-and-day change. The relief package that Biden is working on, it speaks exactly to the crises people are facing in their lives. I’m delighted. I can see from the reaction from across the state that Democrats love to grouse and turn on each other, but in this case people are pumping their fists in the air for what President Biden and Vice President Harris are doing.”

Biden plans to make one his first trips as president for a CNN Town Hall in Milwaukee on Feb. 16. at 8 p.m. EST.

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