Former Democratic candidate presidential Tom Steyer called President Donald Trump “deeply corrupt” and said he was confident evidence of the president’s wrongdoings would come out “probably until the day we die” in a new interview with uPolitics. 

Steyer, a prominent philanthropist and Democratic donor, shared his thoughts about former National Security Adviser John Bolton‘s tell-all book. “The biggest revelation from that book was that Mr. Trump asked the Chinese to support his reelection,” Steyer told uPolitics‘ founder Erik Meers. The former candidate noted that the allegation was “right in line with the specific charge with Ukraine” that led to his impeachment last December.

Steyer said Trump’s attitude of “I will deal with you on a foreign policy basis more favorably if you support my political career” is “clearly beyond corrupt.”

Evidence that Trump conditioned the release of military aid to Ukraine on the foreign government publicly announcing an investigation into the president’s political rival, Joe Biden, led to a House investigation and ultimately his impeachment. The GOP-led Senate acquitted him of all charges in February.

Bolton offered a similar example of Trump soliciting foreign election aid in The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir, writing that Trump asked Chinese President Xi Jinping for assistance during last year’s G-20 summit.

“Trump said approvingly that there was great hostility to China among the Democrats. Trump then, stunningly, turned the conversation to the coming U.S. presidential election, alluding to China’s economic capability and pleading with Xi to ensure he’d win,” Bolton wrote. “He stressed the importance of farmers and increased Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat in the electoral outcome.”

Steyer said that Bolton’s book showed that the Ukraine scandal was “just one incident of obvious, rank corruption.”

“He is a deeply corrupt president and has been really since the day he was in office and even before then,” Steyer said. “So, what I think about the book… I thought we knew every part of this. We’re going to learn more about his endemic corruption… probably until the day we die.”

Steyer then noted the Supreme Court’s recent decision on Trump’s tax returns and condemnation of his defense that a sitting president is immune from criminal investigations, saying “they’re going to come out.”

“At some point, everybody in America is going to see what he’s been so desperately hiding from us for the last five years,” Steyer said. “We’re going to see all the evidence. The idea that the President of the United States can hide things from the American people over time is not going to turn out to work. We’re going to eventually see it all, but we knew it all.”

The billionaire previously headed the Need to Impeach campaign, which funded television ads calling for Trump’s impeachment beginning October 2017. Steyer stepped down from his role in the campaign last July, when he announced his presidential bid.

He said the campaign emphasized the “need” to get Trump out of office before he does “dramatic, irreversible harm to American and the American people,” citing his recent “failure” to properly handle the coronavirus pandemic which has killed more than 138,000 people in the U.S.

“In fact, what we’ve seen in COVID was kind of a massive failure by this president to respond to a health crisis at all,” Steyer said. “It’s sort of amazing that his — you know you were talking about his desire to just open up the schools — it’s like, okay, what are you doing about testing on a national basis?”

Steyer continued: “What are you doing about personal protective equipment on a national basis? What are you doing about explaining this as your job to the American people about how it’s transmitted and what we can do together to protect each other to get it under control?”

After underscoring Trump’s shortcomings regarding COVID-19, Steyer said there will be more revelations to come that Trump was ill-fit to be president.

He said, “I view John Bolton’s book as one in what’s going to be a long series of revelations that said ‘we needed to impeach and remove this man.'”

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