Gun violence activist Cameron Kasky sat down with uPolitics to discuss his hopes for future gun reform legislation as well as his history advocating for common sense gun regulation. After the Parkland, Florida, shooting, Kasky stood toe-to-toe at CNN Townhall with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida), and demanded he foreswear taking money from the NRA.

“Bullying Marco Rubio is a very easy thing to do,” Kasky told uPolitics’ Erik Meers. “It does not take much of a man to do it. Donald Trump did it like a pro and he’s not a man at all.”


Kasky said that there are several other GOP officials that would be much tougher to debate, but that Rubio seemingly has a “humiliation kink.”

“I didn’t know that the Rubio thing was going to be viral, or blow up, but I just wanted to make Marco Rubio look like a d–bag. If you told me it would have been a pinnacle moment for us,” Kasky said. “It’s great that we’re going to show people a young person participating in the democratic process by standing up to an elected official who technically works for them…. If there is another town hall with Sen. Rubio, I’m happy to go up there again and do the same thing.”

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