Arizona Democratic Party Chair Raquel Teran spoke with uPolitics’ Erik Meers about her state’s independent commission due to redraw her state’s voting districts.

When asked if she is confident that the commission will draw fair lines Teran said, “We are happy and optimistic with the person who has been selected as the independent commissioner.” She then explained the importance of “making sure we are part of the process. As lines are drawn we want to make sure they are fair lines and that we are actively participating in the process.”

Teran, however, noted that “we do have a challenge that the data that the data won’t come to us until September,” highlighting that the fate of Arizona’s maps may be in limbo for several more months. “It’s going to be on us,” Teran added,” to make sure that we are engaged … We will see when the data comes in and we are hoping to act quickly.”

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