A new poll shows public support for President Donald Trumps impeachment has fallen but remains high.

According to an NBC/Wall Street Journal survey published over the weekend, 49% of Americans back impeaching Trump and removing him from office, whereas 46% oppose this effort. The poll, which comes roughly one year before the 2020 election, also follows the White House’s operation that resulted in the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Early last month, a Washington Post-Schar School survey found 58% of Americans supported impeaching Trump and 49% backed his removal from office. However, similar polls conducted by NBC in early October revealed public support for impeachment was at 43%, while 49% of Americans at the time said they were against impeachment.

The new NBC/Wall Street Journal survey also contains some positive results for Trump, as it shows more than 50% view his handling of the economy as favorable, while 90% of Republicans said they oppose his removal from office. This result is especially relevant, as a two-thirds majority is required in the Senate in order for an impeachment conviction to be carried out.

The survey also showed 53% of voters said they approve of House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry over Trump’s dealing with Ukraine, while 44% disapprove. House investigators are set to release key findings of their investigation this week.

When accounting for political party, the results show an even larger divide: 89% of Democrats support the impeachment probe, while only 9% of GOP respondents said the same. In total, 58% of independents said they back the inquiry.

Independent respondents were also heavily divided on impeachment and removal from office: 43% said they back Trump’s removal, while 46% oppose it.


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