More than half of participants surveyed in a poll published on Tuesday said they support the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump. 

According to the new Washington Post-Schar School survey, 58% of respondents said they approve of House Democrats’ efforts to launch an impeachment inquiry over Trump’s solicitation of help from Ukraine’s government to investigate Joe Biden, his opponent in the 2020 election. Meanwhile, 38% of participants said they oppose congressional Democrats’ actions. This follows a CBS News-You Gov poll released last month that found 55% of Americans back the impeachment probe.

The poll also found 49% of adults said Trump should be removed from office. Only 6% of those surveyed said they back the impeachment probe but not a vote to remove the president from office.

The new survey also revealed respondents were heavily split on the subject of impeachment depending on political party affiliation. More than 80% of Democrats said they support the probe, while 70% of Republicans oppose it.


Additionally, 8 in 10 Democrats said they support Trump’s removal from office, while less than 20% of Republicans backed this measure. A majority of independents (57%) said they back the impeachment probe, and 49 percent said they were in favor of the president’s removal from office.

Since July, support for the impeachment investigation has jumped at least 20 points or more among Democrats, Republicans and independents.

Democratic lawmakers have subpoenaed several White House officials and Trump associates — like Secretary of State Mike Pompeolawyer Rudy Giuliani and Vice President Mike Pence — for documents and other materials related to the Ukraine controversy as part of their impeachment inquiry. Trump has also been found to have sought help from other foreign governments like China and Australia for personal or political gain.

The new survey also found 62% of respondents said the topics discussed in Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky were inappropriate, while 32% said the opposite.

The Washington Post-Schar School poll was conducted Oct. 1-6 among 1,007 adults and has a margin of error of 3.5%.

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