It’s the Super Tuesday #2! While not as big as the one on March 3, March 10 offers major contests in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington. Vice President Joe Biden is facing off against Sen. Bernie Sanders for the Democrats, while President Donald Trump is running with only token opposition from former Gov. Bill Weld.

Below are the poll closing times and delegates at stake for each state:

Idaho primary (20 delegates): 10 p.m. Eastern time, except in northern counties closing at 11 p.m.
Michigan primary (125 delegates): 8 p.m., except in four counties closing at 9 p.m.
Mississippi primary (36 delegates): 8 p.m.
Missouri primary (68 delegate): 8 p.m.
North Dakota caucuses (14 delegates): 10 p.m.
Washington primary (89 delegates): 11 p.m.

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