On Thursday, President Donald Trump told New Hampshire rally goers they have to vote for him or the economy will suffer, even though the economy is already showing signs of a decline.

“If, for some reason, I were not to have won the election, these markets would have crashed. That will happen even more so in 2020,” the president said. “You have no choice but to vote for me, because your 401(k), everything is going to be down the tubes.”

The rally was the first in the state of his campaign for reelection. He spoke about a variety of topics from his former rival Hillary Clinton to guns. 



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Although the president has talked about supporting gun control legislation in the wake of two deadly mass shootings, he received the most applause of the night stating his support for guns and the Second Amendment. Trump said he doesn’t want to “make it hard for good, solid, law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.”

He also boasted about his plans to use new scientific breakthroughs to end childhood cancer and the AIDS epidemic, as he has at other rallies. “Something I never thought I’d be able to say: Within one decade, the AIDS epidemic in the United States will be gone. In 10 years, the AIDS epidemic will be eradicated,” Trump said. “So great.”

The familiar “locker her up” chant began when brought up Clinton’s emails. He told of how he was going to win again in Michigan, a state he barely won, because he was “bringing the auto industry back.”  

In 2016, Trump lost in New Hampshire. “New Hampshire was taken away from us [in 2016], but we did great in New Hampshire. We should’ve won in New Hampshire.”

Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, is considering running for Senate in the state. The president gave Lewandowski many complements and reassured the crowd that if he became a senator “he’s gonna have [them] in mind.”  

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