In William Barr’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, the Attorney General said he “didn’t know” if President Donald Trump ever suggested he open an investigation into particular people. This came just days after Trump told Fox News that he thinks Barr should investigate former Vice President Joe Biden‘s son, Hunter Biden.

At the end of a long hearing during which Barr constantly stumbled over questions, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) got her chance to grill the Attorney General. “Has the president or anyone at the White House ever asked or suggested that you open an investigation of anyone?” she asked. Barr asked her to repeat the question and said the president has not asked him to open an investigation, but when pressed about it ever being “suggested,” he said he did not know.

Last week, Trump suggested to Fox News’s Sean Hannity that an investigation should be opened by Barr looking into possibility of Hillary Clinton‘s 2016 campaign receiving any assistance from Ukraine. According to the New York Times, Trump and his allies have been pressuring a larger investigation that concerns Biden. When Biden was vice president, he was part of efforts by western powers to have a corrupt chief prosecutor of the Ukraine dismissed. It turns out one of the cases the prosecutor was investigating involved a Ukrainian company that Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was a board member of. Trump is now reportedly putting pressure on the Justice Department to investigate Biden’s role.


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