In an interview Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, former president Donald Trump made a number of false statements.

Host Kristen Welker corrected some of his comments, but many aired unchallenged.

On abortion policies, Trump said some state laws allow children to be killed after birth. This is false – killing a child after birth is illegal in all states.

On his phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) in January 2021, in which Trump pressed Raffensperger to “find” votes to change the state’s winner, Trump insisted that Raffensperger told him he never did anything wrong. However, Raffensperger has stated he was very critical of Trump’s behavior.

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Trump claimed the country is $35 trillion in debt; in reality, the number is closer to $33 trillion.

He also maintained that the U.S. gave $8.5 billion worth of equipment to the Taliban –  the Defense Department estimated the equipment to be worth roughly $7.1 billion.

On the topic of inflation, Trump said the price of bacon had quintupled over the last few years; the price of bacon has only increased by 11.5%.

Trump blamed former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) for the riot at the U.S. Capitol when she “rejected” his offer of 10,000 National Guard troops days before January 6, 2021. However, Pelosi did not have any authority over security provisions and there is no record of Trump making such an offer.

He also asserted that Biden pushed Attorney General Merrick Garland to “indict him,” but there is no evidence that Biden had any role in the decision to investigate Trump.

Trump regularly repeated that he was the rightful winner of the “rigged” 2020 election. No evidence of substantial voter fraud has ever been proven in court despite numerous lawsuits brought by Trump and his allies.

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