Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update mocked President Donald Trump‘s orangey tan lines prominently displayed in a viral photo of his hair flying back as he walked to the Oval Office. Trump has denounced the photo as “FAKE NEWS.”

An unverified White House photography account, whose bio says the account owner is a journalist and White House correspondent, tweeted the picture Saturday evening. The hashtag #OrangeFace began to trend on Twitter shortly thereafter.

“President Trump was acquitted in a Senate trial this week and Democrats are calling it a cover-up,” Colin Jost said at the beginning of SNL‘s Weekend Update. “But does this look like a guy who can pull off a cover-up?”

Jost then showed the audience the viral image and said, “Oh my God, it’s like the day at the nursing home when they let the residents put their own makeup on.”

In response to the memes and jokes circulating on Twitter about the image, Trump called it “fake news.”

“More Fake News. This was photoshopped, obviously, but the wind was strong and the hair looks good,” he tweeted. “Anything to demean!”

Below is the image in color.

The photography account tweeted Saturday that the photo was not photoshopped, but its color was adjusted with Apple’s photo app.


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