On Sunday evening, a statement came from the Trump campaign announcing that Sidney Powell, a key legal adviser to President Donald Trump, has been removed from Trump’s legal team. Powell is also the legal representation for Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser who lied about his connections with Russia in 2016.

“Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own,” stated the president’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. “She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his legal capacity.”

“I agree with the statement today,” said Powell in response to Giuliani. “I will represent #WeThePeople and seek the Truth. I intend to expose all the fraud and let the chips fall where they may. We will not allow the foundations of this great Republic to be destroyed by abject fraud or our votes for President Trump and other Republicans to be stolen by foreign interests or anyone else.”

Powell, who believes that the election of Joe Biden is fraudulent, has been attacking officials left and right of committing crimes against the election. Most recently, she threatened Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) with a “biblical” lawsuit, after he stated that Biden was the official winner of the state of Georgia on Friday.


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“Sidney Powell accusing Governor Brian Kemp of a crime on television yet being unwilling to go on TV and defend and lay out the evidence that she supposedly has, this is outrageous conduct,” said former Gov. Chris Christie (R-New Jersey) on Sunday.

Powell’s attacks on Kemp and the state of Georgia do not bode well for the GOP. Georgia just voted for the first time since 1992 for Democratic president, and they have the chance to elect two more Democrats to the Senate in January. If they elect Democrats to the Senate rather than Republicans, the Senate will flip to Democratic control, something the GOP is desperately afraid of.

Powell, who was said by Trump to part of his “elite strike force,” has not proven to be a great asset for the president. There have been no meaningful successes in her efforts to find voter fraud, and her statements often have not had any evidence to support them.

Powell claimed that Trump “won by a landslide,” despite Biden having recorded six million more popular votes than Trump and 74 more electoral votes. The video clip of Powell’s statement, which had no evidence to back its claim, was shared on Thursday by the national GOP.

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