President Donald Trump has been attempting to convince judges across the U.S. of his argument that the election returns were a result of voter fraud, despite having little to no evidence to support his claims.

In Michigan this week, a lawsuit by Trump was rejected by a U.S. district judge, who told him “this ship has sailed.”

Trump made his strategy more explicit on Wednesday tweeting “#OVERTURN” meaning that he wants GOP controlled state legislatures to overrule the popular votes in their states.

Joe Biden’s win has been officially certified by every state, and he will be the confirmed victor by the electoral college on December 14.

The lawsuits filed by Trump and his team, as well as other Republicans, have claimed every possibility of voter fraud in the book, from “rigged” voter machines counting votes for Trump as votes for Biden to the FBI having a hand in throwing the election in favor of Biden.

These lawsuits have not been given any assistance by the Supreme Court, which Trump proudly turned more conservative during his presidency, as well as any of the federal judges that he has bragged about appointing.

Government cybersecurity experts have called the 2020 election the “most secure” in national history.

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