President Donald Trump has long said that the investigators, who investigated his campaign’s possible collusion with Russia will be criminally charged. 

Trump and his associates have claimed countless times that U.S. intelligence agencies and the FBI will be exposed for presenting fake evidence, spying and creating false testimonies. 

In an interview with Fox News, Trump called former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation “treason,” and “high crimes.” 

Jon Sale, a former assistant U.S. attorney general from Miami, said that he thinks nothing will come of these claims and no one will be charged.

These sort of accusations have become the new norm under Trump. Democrats promised criminal charges for Trump’s family members for their involvement with Russians. But no charges were ever brought against any of them. In 2018, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-California) said he had proof of FBI officials had been spying on the Trump campaign. He too was not able to prove this claim.

Michael Horowitz, Inspector General of the DOJ under President Barack Obama,and Trump, said his investigations are completely politically unbiased. 

Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway claimed that the DOJ had been leaking information regarding the Russia investigation to news sources, and that if they “investigate the investigators,” she would be proven right. 

Conservative news sources, such as Fox’s Sean Hannity, have played this angle up. Hannity told his views that the DOJ’s investigation will show that the techniques the FBI and other intelligence agencies used to gather information were not normal.

One of the President’s advisors, Michael Caputo, said him and Trump wanted “justice” after they “talked about the Russia hoax, the investigation of the investigators and the dozens of families who were crushed by the hoax.”

Horowitz’s states that his main focus is finding the truth and “having a clean historical record of what actually happened in that dark period of recent history is infinitely more important.”


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