Donald Trump’s former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham reveals in her upcoming book that the former president once called her from Air Force One to tell her that his penis was not toadstool-shaped.

The story about Trump’s genitalia originates from adult-film actress Stormy Daniels’  2018 book, in which the star described the business mogul’s penis as being like “a toadstool.”

“I lay there, annoyed that I was getting fucked by a guy with Yeti pubes and a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart,” Daniels wrote.

Grisham’s book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now, is scheduled to be released in early October. Aside from exposing inappropriate sexual conversations between Trump and his staff, the book also touches upon a number of other controversial topics, ranging from Trump’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as the former president’s unusual aversion to “dead bodies, death, and sickness.”

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In her book, Grisham reveals that, during a meeting with Putin, Trump seemed to admit that his “tough guy act” was merely a fabricated persona, intended to impress the public. Trump allegedly told Putin: “I’m going to act a little tougher with you for a few minutes. But it’s for the cameras, and after they leave, we’ll talk. You understand.”

Grisham also reveals that, back in 2019, Trump underwent a secret colonoscopy (without anesthesia) because he did not want to be “the butt of a joke.” Additionally, Trump’s decision to forgo anesthesia was intended to prevent him from needing to temporarily hand over his presidential powers to former Vice President Mike Pence.

Grisham writes: “As with COVID, he was too wrapped up in his own ego and his own delusions about his invincibility.”

The book also details Trump’s hair-care routine – the former president reportedly cuts his own hair with “a huge pair of scissors that could probably cut a ribbon at an opening of one of his properties.”

On a more serious note, the book claims that staffers lied to the former president about using Air Force One to transport George H. W. Bush’s casket. According to Grisham, “we knew he wouldn’t be ok with that, even for a brief trip. Dead bodies, death, sickness — those things really seemed to creep him out.”

Grisham also mentions other instances of Trump’s inappropriate sexual behavior towards female staff members. Grisham claims that Trump asked her then-boyfriend to “rate” her sexual performance.

Trump also allegedly requested that another female staffer be brought to Air Force One so he could “look at her [behind].”

Trump’s spokesperson Liz Harrington bashed Grisham’s book, declaring it “another pitiful attempt to cash in on the president’s strength and sell lies about the Trump family.”

Harrington called Grisham “a disgruntled former employee” and claims her publishers “should be ashamed of themselves for preying on desperate people who see the short-term gain in writing a book full of falsehoods.”

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