Dismissing concerns about his health, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) has claimed to have fully recovered from two recent episodes of freezing during public appearances.

These occurrences had raised concerns about his well-being and his capability to lead the Republican conference.

“I’m fine. I’m completely recovered, and I’m just fine. I’m in good shape, completely recovered, and back on the job,” McConnel, 81, told CBS in an interview Sunday.

McConnell has enormous power and sway within Congress.

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He has been a senator representing Kentucky since 1985 and has held leading positions in the Senate for the majority of the past few decades.

In 2021, he started a new term as the chamber’s Republican leader, following his previous roles as majority leader and whip.

McConnell has been the leader of the Senate Republican Conference since 2007.

On two occasions, in July and August, McConnell paused his speech abruptly and appeared to be staring blankly while addressing reporters, raising concerns about recovery from a concussion he suffered earlier.

He was later cleared to work by Congress’ attending physician, Dr. Brian Monahan, who assured that McConnell was not experiencing any symptoms related to seizure disorders, Parkinson’s disease or stroke.

McConnell’s staff released Monahan’s medical notes in September.

McConnell suffered from polio during his childhood and has been candid about his triumph over the illness.

In a 2020 interview, he shared that the long-term physical consequences of the disease persisted into his adult years and made stair-climbing hard.

When asked by CBS whether Monahan’s healthcare reports did not include any essential information about his health, McConnell stated that he was fit, fully cured and working once again.

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