Trump ally Roger Stone insulted a radio host based on his race Saturday night, saying during an interview with Morris O’Kelly of The Mo’Kelly Show, “I don’t feel like arguing with this Negro.”

The comments came after O’Kelly inquired about Stone’s recent commutation during the live radio show. President Donald Trump‘s decision to commute Stone’s sentence for lying to Congress and obstructing justice during the Russia investigation, prompted allegations of “abuse of power” by the president.

“There are thousands of people treated unfairly daily, how your number just happened to come up in the lottery, I am guessing it was more than just luck, Roger, right?” O’Kelly asked.

Stone responded after a pause, “You’re out of your mind.” He later blamed the engineer in an email to the Daily News, saying he despises racism.

“His studio engineer can very clearly be heard using the epithet after he cut my sound feed three times,” Stone wrote. “Why is it that everyone on the left must label anyone who disagrees with them as ‘a racist?’ … I despise racism!”

David Brody of the Christian-angled news network CBN tweeted that Stone told him he “said nothing of the kind.”

“I disagreed with President Reagan’s decision not to extend the voting rights act. I still support affirmative action, a Nixon administration policy that almost no conservative supports. I have opposed the racist war on drugs for 30 years,” Stone said. “The idea that I would use a racial term is nonsensical. This is a smear by a left wing radio host.”

O’Kelly brushed off Stone’s claims, claiming the audio speaks for itself.

“He didn’t see me as a journalist, not as a professional, not a radio host…but a ‘Negro’ first and foremost,” he added in a blog post. “Thirty years as an entertainment professional, twenty of them in radio. ‘Negro’ was the first pejorative uttered. The low-calorie version of the N-Word.”

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