In a since-deleted and misspelled tweet, Mississippi State Rep. Price Wallace (R) called for his state to “succeed” from the U.S.

His tweet, which was posted hours after the election was called for former Vice President Joe Biden, echoed Civil War-era sentiments that have continued to this day via heated arguments over the Confederate flag and its exhibition in public.

Wallace later apologized for his tweet.

“I truly love the USA and Mississippi and would never support any idea of seceding from the union,” he wrote on Nov. 11. “I am extremely sorry for my comment it was inappropriate and in no way represents the will of my constituents or myself. I humbly ask for forgiveness for my poor lack of judgment.”

Wallace’s comments came in response to a thread from former Mississippi state representative Robert Foster, who claimed that Biden’s victory was called prematurely and many more votes need to be counted.

“The majority does not rule, the law derived from a Constitution has the final say,” Foster wrote, adding that “Democrats and their Fake News Cheerleaders are about to get a hard lesson in civics.”

He also claimed that Democrats would “riot and burn their own cities to the ground,” if the Biden victory was somehow overturned.

Wallace similarly rejected the apparent Biden victory the day after the election, appearing to imply that the media calls were inaccurate.

“I guess in the future we’ll have to accept the decision of the 3 big news stations when they say this is our new leader no need for elections,” he wrote.

However, a handful of Mississippi Republicans recognized the historical significance of the Biden victory.

“There’s a woman standing on a stage tonight as the Vice President-elect of our United States of America,” Mississippi State Rep. Jansen Owen (R) tweeted. “Regardless of one’s political ideology, this moment stands as a testament to our great nation.”

State Rep. Kent McCarty (R) echoed Owen’s comments, saying: “I would hope that ALL of us, regardless of party, can acknowledge the historical significance of the daughter of immigrants becoming the VP of the United States.”

Foster responded to both politician’s remarks on Twitter, calling them “RINOS,” meaning “Republican In Name Only,” a term generally used to describe Republicans who are deemed not conservative enough by other party members.

“Why don’t you two RINOs be men enough to admit you voted for Kamala?” he said. “You two will have a lot of explaining to do in your next elections if you try and run as Republicans again. You should both just go ahead and switch parties.”

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