As Daylight Savings and the annual “spring forward” is quickly approaching, the Maryland House has passed a bill to make Daylight Saving Time permanent.

Brian Crosby (D), the Maryland delegate who represents St. Mary’s Country, introduced the bill. He argued that “ending the bi-annual clock change will keep our circadian rhythms healthy, lower crime, and help small businesses.”

Maryland would not be off by an hour from everyone else by themselves. Other states are considering doing away with the time change as well.

There has been increasing conversation on the toll changing clocks has on the human body.

“It’s increased suicides, miscarriages, car accidents when we adjust clocks,” said Crosby, “In the end, I think most people prefer Daylight Saving Time … it is more sunlight at the end of the day and I think that provides or promotes healthier lifestyles,” Crosby said.

“We are seeing quite a movement in this direction. Four years ago, this was hardly talked about,” Crosby added.

If the bill is passed by the Maryland Senate and signed by Gov. Larry Hogan (R), the federal Uniform Time Act will still need to be changed. It allows states to choose not to participate, but changes will need to be enacted to allow states to stay in Daylight Saving Time all year.

Crosby said he believes at least 40 states have passed or considered legislation regarding Daylight Saving Time. So far, the only states that don’t participate are Arizona and Hawaii.

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