Ex-FBI director James Comey has called on voters to support the Democratic party in the upcoming midterm elections, despite being a devoted Republican for most of his life.

The request came in response to President Donald Trump’s controversial meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin after “having sold out our nation on an international stage” said Comey. Trump has been the target of harsh criticism from both sides of the aisle due to his conciliatory behavior towards the Russian autocrat, in what some consider an act of political cowardice.

During the joint conference, Trump cast doubt over his own intelligence agencies’ findings that Russia had interfered in the 2016 election by claiming that given Putin’s “powerful” denial, he didn’t “see any reason why it would be [Russia].”

After being dismissed by Trump in 2017, Comey has become a vocal critic of the president, previously labelling him “morally unfit” for the role. And earlier this year, the former director renounced his membership with the Republican party. In an interview with ABC News, he told reporters the party had “lost their way” over the course of Trump’s presidency and that he could no longer “be associated” with it.

“Came to the conclusion that these people don’t represent anything I believe in,” admitted Comey.

The director has since taken to Twitter to urge voters to support Democrats instead, emphasizing that “History has its eyes on us.”

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