Far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) stood by her self-identification as a “Christian nationalist” even as “She is a Nazi” trended on Twitter.

The comments came during a speech at Turning Point USA.

“I call myself a nationalist. Oh, you guys don’t think it’s a bad word either?” she said to the cheering crowd. “As a matter of fact, it’s not a bad word. If you’re a nationist, you care about your country — which we should. Now all our tax dollars are hard-earned tax dollars. They should go toward our country. They should go toward our border and border security. Truth? They should pay for programs  that affect America, not build schools and roads and border walls in other countries.”

Marcus Flowers, who is Greene’s Democratic challenger in Georgia’s 14th District, added to the “Nazi” conversation.

“Georgia’s 14th District is currently represented by someone trending on Twitter under ‘She is a Nazi,'” he wrote. “We’re going to change that in November and restore decency and respect to NW Georgia.”

Greene responded to being called a Nazi on The Michael Knowles Show. 

“Apparently they can label you things you’re not, lie about you and smear your character,” Greene said. “The Nazis did horrible things. Who can identify with that? That’s just the name and the label that the God-less left used to try and smear someone’s character.”

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