Ex GOP Rep. David Trott Calls Donald Trump ‘Unfit For Office’

Ex GOP Rep. David Trott (R-Michigan) has declared that President Donald Trump is “psychologically, morally, intellectually, and emotionally unfit for office,” and that he would consider casting a Democratic vote in the 2020 presidential election race.

Trott, who represented the people of the 11th District of Michigan for four years, made the comments in a letter to The Atlantic. 

Trott said he believes that Trump has created an unstable and dangerous environment for Americans. He wrote, “President Trump’s inability or unwillingness to follow normal decision-making protocols has created chaos in our foreign policy and put our country at risk.”

Trott purposes that this political uncertainty is worse than any benefit realized by the Trump Administration. “High unemployment, a stagnating economy, and massive debt for a few years are better than alienating the rest of our allies, getting into a nuclear war with Iran, or allowing 10,000 Islamist soldiers to be set free in Syria,” Trott continued. 


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Trott made this revelation in reference to a September article of The Atlantic, in which military officers expressed their criticisms over the president’s foreign policies. Trott added [that], “Trump is psychologically, morally, intellectually, and emotionally unfit for office. We can only hope Congress impeaches and removes him so we have a choice between two adults in 2020.”

Trott, who also voiced his concern in a New York Times article published on Dec. 31, is not alone in his criticism. He is among various other former GOP Congressmen and current office-holders who do not seek reelection and are, in turn, publicly criticizing the commander-in-chief.

Emily Bevacqua

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