Last week, Donald Trump Jr. posted a doctored picture of a poll that showed his father, President Donald Trump, with an approval rating at 50%.

Not only was the picture obviously photoshopped, the President’s son also didn’t spell America correctly in an hashtag in his caption. “Amazing. I guess there is a magic wand to make things happen and @realdonaldtrump seems to have it. #MAGA #amreicafirst.”

Engineer William LeGate tweeted screenshots of the fake on Wednesday. The “50%” was misaligned with the text on the original CNN graphic, and its background was a different shade of red. Also, by zooming in one could see that the original “40%” was still visible underneath the faked number.

Ironically, CNN created the original approval ratings graphic for a segment fact checking of Trump’s previous Twitter claim that his approval numbers were better than Obama’s at this point of his presidency. Trump had a 40% approval rating, compared with Obama’s 45%.

Host John King also noted during his fact check that Obama took office during a recession and that Trump became president during a period of economic growth, which also impacted the statistics.


Trump fans were thrilled at the presidential inflated approval rating. On Friday then, Trump Jr. deleted the bogus picture from his Instagram account after a day and a half.

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