It has been known for some time that Donald Trump and Sean Hannity support each other, but according to a new report, the pair often like to call each other at night.

Sean Hannity and Trump Call Each Other Before Bedtime

New York magazine reported Sunday that the president makes phone calls to the Fox News host before going to bed most nights.

Hannity’s eponymous hour-long show airs Monday through Thursday at 9 p.m. EST. The 56-year-old television host — who up until recently had the highest-rated cable news show — has been a staunch defender of Trump since even before he took office. Similarly, Trump is known to express a preference for Fox News (particularly Hannity and Fox & Friends) over other media outlets, as Hannity and many of the network’s other hosts often support Trump even amid a growing list of scandals.

Last month, Hannity was revealed to have secretly revealed legal advice from Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who is under investigation for his $130,000 payment in hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels.


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According to New York Magazine’s report, Trump has admitted to several White House staffers that he frequently speaks to Hannity, whom the magazine claimed “fills the political void” left by former strategist Steve BannonAn unnamed White House official reportedly said Hannity “understands the basic issues of economic nationalism and ‘America First’ foreign policy at a deeper level than the August staff of Jonathan Chait and the f— clowns at New York Magazine.”

“The important thing about this is the President of the United States who is listening to someone who represents the echo-chamber of the base,” David Jolly, a former Republican Congressman from Florida, told MSNBC’s Brian Williams. “Not someone who represents the very hard conflict of opinion within the United States.”

Jolly went on to explain how potentially dangerous it is that Hannity is giving Trump “advice,” and added that Hannity has even identified himself as an “opinion” TV host rather than a traditional, objective journalist.

Late-night comedians like Stephen Colbert and James Corden couldn’t get enough of the report on the calls between Trump and Hannity, and poked fun at the story on Monday evening.

Colbert cited an excerpt from the New York Magazine report that claimed Trump and Hannity often discussed Robert Mueller’s Russia probe — which the pair call a “witch hunt” — and what they perceive as the liberal media’s terrible coverage of Trump’s administration (“whose show sucks”).

Colbert went on to cross his fingers, jokingly that he hopes he made it onto Trump and Hannity’s list of most-hated shows.

“I hope it’s me,” said the comedian. “I would love to be up there with ‘low-rated Morning Joe,’ un-funny SNL, and ‘lyin’ Spongebob Squarepants,‘” he added, mimicking the president’s whiny tone.


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