Republican Representative Clay Higgins (R-Louisiana) seemingly called for an insurrection, following the announcement that Donald Trump will face indictments for his mishandling of classified documents.

Trump took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to publicize the charges being brought against him. Higgins then tweeted a cryptic message in response to the news.

“President Trump said he has ‘been summoned to appear at the Federal Courthouse in Miami on Tuesday, at 3 PM.’ This is a perimeter probe from the oppressors. Hold. rPOTUS has this. Buckle up. 1/50K know your bridges. Rock steady calm. That is all,” wrote Higgins.

According to a researcher on Twitter, the term “rPOTUS” was originally coined by Democrats when referring to Trump, as “r” stood for “Russian.” However, conservatives who are still resisting the results of the 2020 election now use the “r” to stand for “real,” indicating that Trump is the real President of the United States.

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Many were left confused by the meaning of “1/50K know your bridges.” Jeff Sharlet, the author of a book about U.S. militia movements, offered clarification on Twitter.

“Deep scary: 1/50K refers to military scale maps and publicly available U.S. Geological Survey maps of areas surrounding military installations,” wrote Sharlet. “This isn’t a metaphor. This isn’t slow civil war. This is a congressman calling for the real thing.”

He also noted that “Know your bridges” is a militia call to close them down, alluding to a “county-level insurrection,” as Sharlet stated.

Higgins’ motives remain unclear, although many are worried about his possible incitement of an uprising in defiance of the charges brought against Trump. While Higgins did condemn the events of January 6, 2021, he also defended those who stormed the Capitol upon their arrests.

Other GOP officials are standing in opposition to the indictments against Trump. While few have responded to Higgins’ tweet, many are vocalizing their concerns that the investigation and indictments are politically motivated.

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