Erick Erickson called Donald Trump an “idiot” on Twitter following a Fox News interview with the former president by Bret Baier.

Erickson is a conservative radio host and blogger from Atlanta. A former Georgia attorney, Erickson has occupied numerous roles as a television commentator on financial and political issues, most notably appearing on Fox News.

“Guys, Trump admitted on TV tonight he withheld documents from the grand jury. Game over, legally. What an idiot,” wrote Erickson.

During the interview, Bair asked Trump about the 37-count indictment that was brought against him earlier in the month. The former president is being charged with willful retention of classified national security information, conspiracy to obstruct justice and falsifying statements to the Department of Justice. He pleaded not guilty on all counts in Miami last week.

“Bret, there was no document,” Trump told Baier. “There was a massive amount of papers and everything else, talking about Iran and other things. And it may have been held up or may not… I didn’t have any documents per se. There was nothing to declassify.”

Trump also told Baier that he did not return boxes that he took from the White House because they held his golf shirts, along with any stolen items.

When asked about the recording of Trump admitting that he did not have a chance to declassify the documents before leaving the White House, Trump blamed his political opponents.

“These people are very dishonest people, they are thugs,” he said. He also suggested that they could be “stuffing” the boxes that were taken from his Mar-a-Lago home with incriminating evidence.

Erickson is not the only conservative to acknowledge Trump’s missteps during the Fox interview. Pro-Trump legal scholar Jonathan Turley also took to Twitter to suggest that Trump had just admitted guilt.

“Bret Baier conducted an extraordinary interview with Donald Trump who discussed the criminal allegations in detail,” wrote Turley. “Statements of this kind are generally admissible in trial…”

The judge presiding over Trump’s case has scheduled the trial to begin as soon as August 14, 2023, but pretrial motions will likely delay this start date.

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