Conservative pundit Ann Coulter has said that she believes former President Donald Trump has lost the political dominance he once counted on. Coulter had once been a major Trump supporter. Now, she has changed her tune.

“My housekeeper is better positioned in the party than Trump is,” she wrote in an email to The New York Times. “Trump is done. You guys should stop obsessing over him.”

Coulter’s comments were published in a Times article Sunday. The article explored the rising tensions between Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) ahead of their potential opposition in the 2024 Republican presidential primaries.

Neither politician has confirmed plans to run for president. Trump has strongly suggested it, but has yet to make an official announcement of his candidacy. DeSantis has likewise avoided confirming the rumors of his own bid for president.


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DeSantis’s rise to popularity, however, has reportedly upset Trump. Many people have confirmed that the former president has insulted the governor, most recently calling DeSantis “dull” and lacking in “personal charisma” privately. He also publicly called politicians who fail to disclose their Covid-19 booster status “gutless,” which is widely interpreted as a thinly-veiled attack against DeSantis. The Florida governor has repeatedly avoided answering questions about receiving the booster.

Coulter commented on Trump’s booster remark in a scathing post on Twitter.

“Trump is demanding to know Ron DeSantis’s booster status, and I can now reveal it,” she wrote.

She proceeded to use a play on words, using “booster” to refer not to the vaccine but to support of the former president. “[DeSantis] was a loyal booster when Trump ran in 2016, but then he learned our president was a liar and con man whose grift was permanent,” she said. “I hope that clears things up.”

Trump has also privately complained that DeSantis has yet to confirm whether or not he will run for president in 2024. He suggested that, if DeSantis were to run, Trump would beat him.

“If he wanted to run, that’s ok with me,” Trump said. “I think we’d win by a lot.”

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