Brett Kavanaugh, a Supreme Court nominee, went on Fox News last week alongside his wife to contest his innocence. Kavanaugh’s former college  roommate in turn challenged the federal judge’s claims that he was a virgin in college.


Kavanaugh’s first accuser, Christine Blasey Fordclaimed the federal judge attacked her at a party, forcing her down and covering her mouth. This event occurred at a party while they were still in high school, and Kavanaugh retorted that this would be impossible as he was a virgin back then and for a long time afterward.

“We’re talking about allegations of sexual assault. I have never sexually assaulted anyone,” Kavanaugh claimed on Fox News. “I did not have sexual intercourse, or anything close to sexual intercourse, in high school or many years thereafter.” That said, being a virgin wouldn’t necessarily mean that Kavanaugh couldn’t have groped Ford against her will.

However, Stephen Kantrowitz, Kavanaugh’s roommate during a year at Yale University, refuted the Supreme Court hopeful’s claim. Speaking with the Huffington Post out of his desire to preserve the “importance of honesty and integrity to serving as a Justice of the Supreme Court,” Kantrowitz recalled a very different Kavanaugh.

“Contrary to his assertion that he remained a virgin ‘for many years’ after high school, during our freshman year he described losing his virginity,” Kantrowitz wrote in his email correspondence. “I remember this distinctly because it was the first time I had had such a conversation with an acquaintance who was not a friend. I have no first-hand knowledge of any of the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, but I thought this conversation was relevant as it goes to the question of his truthfulness.”

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