Bill O’Reilly appeared on Sean Hannity‘s Fox show to promote his new book Killing England, but the conversation soon turned to current politics.


O’Reilly was recently fired from his position at Fox News after multiple women accused the personality of sexual harassment and assault. Just months after he and Fox settled a $13 million lawsuit, he is invited as a guest on Hannity. For the most part, the hosts avoided speaking about O’Reilly’s firing from Fox. O’Reilly himself was uncharacteristically muted, but did dig into left-wing politics.

He started out by promoting the latest book in his line of historical novels, but the conversation quickly turned. They spoke about the hot-button topic of the moment – NFL players kneeling for the national anthem. The conservative personalities were against the players’ decision, and paid particular attention to the Jaguars and Ravens squads, who stood for the British national anthem in London after kneeling for their own. “I was angry and sad, because I don’t believe those players know what they’re doing,” O’Reilly said. “About 3,000 miles east of you, there are American military people in Kandahar, Afghanistan, whose entertainment revolves around the Armed Forces Network that broadcasts football games.”

The hosts also discussed “urban” newspapers, which O’Reilly says are actually “liberal journals,” saying that they taint the media. “These totalitarians want to wipe out any speech with which they disagree,” O’Reilly asserted. Hannity agreed but called them “liberal fascists,” and added that conservatives are actually very tolerant.


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The men then discussed boycotts, which brought them to Media Matters, a watchdog group that has reporters record the public comments of conservative voices, and that urged advertisers to abandon Fox shows earlier this year. “Hannity and I have discussed it off camera,” O’Reilly said. “We will fight back. You fought back when they came after you last spring. I didn’t, and I should have… Did you know they threatened you and me if we did this segment tonight?” he asked.

While many Fox News associates admitted they were unhappy that O’Reilly had returned in a guest spot, it is unlikely that this will be the former host’s last time on a Fox News show. He had just spoken with Matt Lauer on the Today show, saying that his firing from Fox had been a “hit job.” “I’ll be back,” he said when Hannity asked if he’d be on his show again.

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