Elizabeth Todsen is the latest woman to accuse Nebraska gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster (R) of sexual harassment.

“For years I have struggled with an experience I had with Charles W. Herbster. At a political event in 2019, Herbster sexually groped me while greeting my table. This was the same night that Herbster aggressively grabbed senator Julie Slama,” Todsen said in a statement.

Todsen, who was a legislative assistant to State Sen. Dave Murman at the time, claimed that Herbster groped her at the Douglas County Republican Party’s 2019 Elephant Remembers dinner.

“After thinking about this for years now, I know that it is time that Nebraskans know about the horrible actions made by Charles W. Herbster,” Todsen’s statement added.

Regardless of allegations, former President Donald Trump rallied with Herbster, his chosen candidate for the race, over the weekend.

Trump defended Herbster.

“It’s a shame,” Trump said. “That’s why I came out here. I defend people when I know they’re good. He’s a good man. He was with us from the beginning … he’s an innocent human being.”

“It’s a disgrace what they’ve done and that’s why I’m with you,” Trump added. “I could have got out of this one really easy. I could have played golf. I’m here with you, Charles W. Herbster.”

During a 25-minute speech, Herbster alleged that the allegations were his opponent’s efforts to “scare me out of this race.”

“It’s not going to happen,” he said.

Herbster formerly accused sitting Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R), who is term-limited, of planting the story. Ricketts denied involement. Herbster continues to maintain his innocence.

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