The Nebraska Republican Party issued a statement calling for State Sen. John McCollister (R-Nebraska) to change his political party to Democrat, after he made statements condemning his party for enabling racism. 

The Nebraska GOP tweeted that McCollister “should tell the truth and change his party registration,” and added a picture of their full statement. The letter states that McCollister, who identifies as  “center-right,” has previously said he has “nothing in common” with his voters and that he has been  “consistently advocating for higher taxes, restrictions on American’s Second Amendment rights, and pro-abortion lobby.”


McCollister’s tweets come after Saturday’s El Paso shooting. The shooter had written a manifesto on the messaging board 8chan, where he commented on President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies. 

The Nebraska state senator tweeted a large thread where he also condemned Trump’s numerous racist comments. McCollister reminded his fellow party members of Republican president Abraham Lincoln. “We all like to cite Abraham Lincoln’s Republican lineage when it is politically expedient but NOW is the time to ACT like Lincoln and take a stand,” he wrote.  



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