Several news outlets and polling agencies published surveys to assess the political landscape following the New York jury’s decision to convict former President Donald Trump of 34 counts of falsifying business records in his hush-money case.

Early polls suggest that while a majority agrees with Trump’s acquittal, Biden and Trump remain in a tight race among voters. This aligns with previous polls conducted before Trump’s verdict. However, a slight majority of swing voters approve of Trump’s conviction and want him to withdraw from the presidential race.

A survey conducted by The Morning Consult on Friday found that 54% of registered voters “strongly” or “somewhat” approve of Trump’s guilty verdict, compared to 34% who “strongly” or “somewhat” disapprove.

Additionally, a slight majority of Independents believe that the verdict was correct, and 49% believe that Trump should end his candidacy because of the conviction, compared to 15% of Republicans.

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In the same survey, 49% of voters favor probation for Trump, while 44% support a prison sentence. However, a significant majority of 68% of registered voters believe a fine would be the most appropriate punishment.

Early polls also indicate that Republicans are standing firm in their support for Trump despite his guilty conviction. A Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Saturday revealed that only one in ten Republicans said they are less likely to vote for Trump following the verdict.

In the same poll, 55% of Republican voters indicated that the verdict did not sway their vote, while 34% stated it actually increased their likelihood of voting for Trump.

Early surveys also indicate minimal change in the political landscape surrounding the presidential race. Polls conducted before and after Trump’s conviction show consistent results, with President Joe Biden and Trump maintaining close competition nationwide. Although there is a slight shift favoring Biden, it remains marginal.

The Morning Consult revealed Biden with 45% and Trump with 44% of voter support, compared to Biden’s previous 41% and Trump’s 42%.

Similarly, Reuters/Ipsos found nearly identical results among registered voters, with Biden at 41% and Trump at 39%, compared to Biden’s earlier 40% and Trump’s 40%.

A final polling trend revealed a strong distrust in the criminal justice system. Three out of four Republican voters expressed diminished confidence in the system following the verdict. Additionally, 77% of GOP voters and 43% of Independents believed that the conviction was politically motivated to harm Trump’s career.

However, immediate polls conducted after significant events, such as the unprecedented scenario of a former president becoming a convicted felon, may not always provide the most reliable indications of future outcomes. Subsequent polls in the following weeks could yield significantly varied results.

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