President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that the novel coronavirus (COVD-19) would not hit the U.S. with the same level of intensity if it returns in the fall, even suggesting that the disease “may not come back at all.” 

Trump has previously accused the Washington Post of misquoting CDC director, Robert Redfield claiming that the second wave of the virus could be worse than the first.


Redfield, however, clarified that he was “accurately quoted” by Washington Post.

“It [coronavirus] may not come back at all,” Trump told reporters during the press briefing on Wednesday. 

“He [Redfield] is talking about a worst-case scenario where you have the big flu, and you have some [coronavirus]. And if it does come back, it’s not going to come back … like it was. Also, we have much better containment now,” Trump said.

The president’s denial of the possibility of the second wave of the virus in the fall contradicted with medical experts, including his own health adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has been warning for the potential return of the COVID-19 in the fall.

In February, Trump said that the virus would “disappear” in the summer.


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