On December 17, President Donald Trump wrote an incendiary letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in which he vented about impeachment. The embattled president hurled insults in his letter at Pelosi and the other House Democrats. Critics have not been kind to the letter – calling it everything from “shocking” to “childish.”

Trump, who became the third U.S. president to be impeached on Wednesday night, sent the extraordinary letter to Pelosi on Tuesday, castigating House Democrats and portraying himself as a hapless victim of an attempted “coup.”

Trump wrote in his indignant six-page missive that Democrats would come to regret their efforts when voters cast ballots next fall. Employing falsehoods and exaggerations, he bemoaned the process as woefully broken, wildly claiming that “more due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem Witch Trials.”

He accused Pelosi of portraying a “false display of solemnity” during the impeachment process.
“No intelligent person believes what you are saying,” Trump wrote in the letter. “History will judge you harshly as you proceed with this impeachment charade.”


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Responding late Tuesday, Pelosi said she’d been working and only saw the “essence” of Trump’s letter. “It’s really sick,” she said.

The president called Pelosi’s actions “spiteful” and veered into what he sees as personal affronts, saying she’s violated her own oath of office. “You are offending Americans of faith by continually saying, ‘I pray for the President,’ when you know this statement is not true, unless it is meant in a negative sense,” Trump writes in the letter. “It is a terrible thing you are doing, but you will have to live with it, not I!”

In another segment of the letter, Trump writes to the House speaker, “You do not know, nor do you care, the great damage and hurt you have inflicted upon wonderful and loving members of my family.

“You are the ones interfering in America’s elections,” Trump said, adding that Democrats are “bringing pain and suffering to our republic for your own selfish personal, political and partisan gain… This is nothing more than an illegal, partisan attempted coup that will, based on recent sentiment,
badly fail at the voting booth,” Trump wrote. “You are not just after me, as President, you are after entire Republican Party.”

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