President Donald Trump came under fire for a tweet encouraging “the Suburban Housewives of America” to not vote for his political opponent, Joe Biden, because he “will destroy your neighborhood and your American Dream.”

“I will preserve it, and make it even better!” Trump added.

Twitter users were quick to call the president out for his idealization of the stay-at-home housewife and his seeming assumption that most women living in the suburbs do not work to support their family.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-California) cited his wife as an example that not all women in the suburbs are housewives.

“We live in the suburbs & have no idea what you are talking about,” Lieu wrote. “Suburbs would be safer under Joe Biden. All the chaos Americans are seeing is under your watch & inflamed by you. Also, my wife is an attorney. Do you view all suburban women as Housewives?”

Journalist E. Jean Carroll, who had accused Trump of rape, echoed Lieu’s thoughts, noting that many “suburban housewives” work as well.

“Do you mean mothers? Lawyers? Doctors? Architects? Scientists? Teachers? Policewomen?” she wrote. “Their ‘American Dream,’ sir, is to get rid of you.”

CNN reporter Daniel Dale weighed in, noting that the initial New York Post article Trump linked to referred to suburban “women,” instead of housewives.

“The president chose the word ‘housewives,'” Dale wrote.

Daily Beast‘s Molly Jong-Fast tweeted that Trump’s housewife remark “is better than his other comments about women.”


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