President Donald Trump had apparently kept a close eye on the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night as he fired off several tweets in response to the speeches of former President Barack Obama and Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris in real time.

The tweetstorm began with Trump responding in all-caps to Obama’s criticism of Trump and his administration. Trump tweeted, “He spied on my campaign, and got caught!”

Trump was referring to the conspiracy theory that states that the Obama administration surveilled Trump’s associates during the 2016 campaign season. This is linked to the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign, which was intended to determine if it was connected to Russian interference – which it was, though it is uncertain if the campaign colluded with Russian intelligence agents directly.

Trump continued by questioning why Obama did not endorse his former vice president, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, until after Bernie Sanders was out of the race.

Something of note is that Biden, according to an interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes in 2019, specifically asked the former president not to endorse him. This was out of his belief that he wanted to win on his own merits.

“I want to earn this on my own,” Biden had said.

Soon after, Trump tweeted a video in which he called Obama an “incompetent.” Then, he attacked Harris during her nomination acceptance speech, pointing out that she and Biden were previously at odds with each other.

“But didn’t she call him a racist?” Trump questioned. “Didn’t she say he was incompetent?”

Harris did not at any point call Biden racist or incompetent. In fact, during the Democratic primaries, Harris prefaced one of her conversations with Biden by saying that she did not think he was racist, though she did find some of his comments “hurtful.”

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