Ed Martin, one of three people drafting the platform for the Republican National Committee, has a history of strongly opposing abortion, including showing support for a no-exceptional national ban.

The Republican National Committee platform committee is responsible for shaping the party’s stance on key issues as the upcoming election continues. Martin, alongside Russ Vought, the White House office of management and budget director under the administration of former President Donald Trump, and former U.S. ambassador Randy Evans, will create the platform, which will cover key issues including abortion, policing and technology, amongst others. The committee has one male and one female representative from every state that will vote to adopt the drafted platform.

Martin is known for his extreme stance on abortion and has considered the idea of imprisoning women who receive the procedure. On his radio show, The Pro America Report, Martin said, “The late Phyllis Schlafly, whom I worked so closely with, used to say, ‘If you get to claim and frame the argument, you almost certainly get to win.'” He continued, “In other words, if you take their framing, it’s a woman’s right. Are you gonna put women in jail? No. It’s about a baby. Now, what do we do? Frame the argument. Own the argument,” he said.

He also discussed the imprisonment of doctors should they perform an abortion on his radio show.

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“If you ban abortion in Louisiana, is a doctor who has an abortion breaking the law,” Martin asked. “Yes. Should he be punished? Yes – I think that seems obvious. What is the punishment? Not sure yet. Could be criminal, could be a jail sentence, I suppose.”

Martin has also claimed that no abortions are completed to save the life of the mother, stating, “It’s an absolute scientific fact that no abortion is ever performed to save the life of the mother. None, zero, zilch.”

Martin’s strong opposition to abortion has also led him to criticize Republicans that are in favor of exceptions to an abortion ban, such as rape or incest.

“The true bane of the pro-life movement is the faction of fake pro-lifers who claim to believe in the sanctity of human life but are only willing to vote that way with a list of exceptions,” Martin said, following the Dobbs decision

This contrasts Trump’s stance to support abortion exceptions in cases of rape, incest or necessity for the health of the mother. At the debate, Trump said, “You have to follow your heart, but you have to get elected also.” 

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